Hama Fit Watch 6910 Smart Watch Black

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Smart watch and fitness tracker with integrated GPS and pulse and blood oxygen measurement, for a healthy lifestyle and active training. Protection class IP68 makes the waterproof fitness tracker suitable for all activities in and on water.

  • 14 types of sport can be stored on the sports watch
  • 1.28" Full Touch LCD display for a quick overview of all functions
  • 6-day run time - one battery charge
  • Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen measurement
  • Convenient charging with Magnetic Charge

You want everything at a glance, but a digital fitness tracker doesn't suit your style? Yes, you really can have it all with this classically elegant smartwatch: GPS and other running watch features like pedometer, music control and heart rate monitoring are just the beginning. With this perfect companion in your everyday life, you will always stay on track with your professional and sporting goals and know exactly where you stand in every situation.

Full colour and intuitive: the stylish fitness watch has a user-friendly 1.28" full-touch LCD display and comes with a number of functions that enrich your everyday life. The display of WhatsApp and other notifications and the practical torch function are just two small examples. The large display of the "Fit Watch 6910" smart watch guarantees the perfect overview of all important data - even during training. At the same time, you have full mastery of the music controls, whether you're on the way to work, training for a half-marathon or relaxing by the lake. No more annoying button pushing, you have all the relevant information at your fingertips.

Should the beautiful analogue watch with an elegant dial have to give way to a digital version? Don't worry about that as this is not a typical sports watch as you normally think of it. This is a smart fitness watch that is perfect for all those who like their watches to be stylish and smart at the same time.

From waking up slowly in the morning, through everyday stress and sports sessions, to rest and deep sleep at night: depending on the time of day, our heart rate experiences numerous highs and lows. The right heart rate tracker provides important information about your current fitness and health situation quickly and in real time. Thanks to the integrated sensor, the smart tracker can record the heart rate - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - and display the history in the app. There is no uncomfortable chest strap to get in the way, because the measurement is taken directly on the wrist through the unobtrusive wristwatch.

The oxygen content in the blood also gives important and relatively early indications of the current state of health. With an exact measurement and healthy people, the oxygen saturation standard value is 95 % to 99 %. If this value is lower - i.e. less oxygen is transported in the blood - this can indicate developing complaints and their causes. These can, for example, be directly related to the lungs, such as the first signs of asthma or sleep apnoea, or dizziness, disorders in the cardiovascular system or even heart defects.

Of course, no smart watch or fitness tracker with blood oxygen measurement can replace a visit to the general practitioner or specialist. However, the performance and effectiveness of lung function - as with other organs - are such essential building blocks of physical health that a quick watch comparison can still provide helpful information. With the "Fit Watch 6910" smart watch, blood oxygen saturation is measured in no time at all and you receive the valuable health data directly and easily on your smartphone. 

You also get convenient charging with Magnetic Charge - the charging cable supplied is connected to the smart watch via a magnet.

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