Us and Our Environment

#PROFFS! We work with climate awareness and implement many concrete ecological measures.

#PROFFS - This core word permeates everything we do, not least our activities towards the goal of becoming a fully circular business. Environmental and climate protection play an important role in this, as we use the resources available responsibly. As a company, we want to actively shape the future and promote sustainable development. Therefore, ecological, sensible, and climate-conscious business is truly important to us. A key indicator of an ecological economy is how we manage the emissions we cause.

Avoid and Reduce CO₂ Emissions

We choose many of our paths forward so that our economic activities impact the environment and climate as little as possible. From deep conviction, we have therefore implemented extensive ecological measures in recent years. We continue to work with full force to prevent greenhouse gas emissions from occurring in the first place and to reduce unavoidable CO₂ emissions as much as possible.

What do we do then, concretely?

  • We cover 100% of our energy needs with green electricity.
  • Our heating system is specially chosen with regard to its energy consumption; we do not heat any space with direct electricity.
  • Our logistics center in Landvetter, which meets the highest energy requirements, is heated to 98% by the exhaust heat in other parts of the building. All our storage and premises are equipped with LED lighting, which gives us better lighting and at the same time saves up to 85% energy compared to alternative light sources.
  • We currently use plastic-free and environmentally friendly packaging materials for more than 95% of our packages.
  • Our packages can be reused for shipping and returns or recycled. We are of course members of the business community's packaging collection.
  • Our packages are sent in a climate-friendly manner, with most long-distance transports being carried out by electricity or with the renewable fuel HVO100. The last mile is covered by multiple carriers with electric vehicles. The change is happening fast and more and more carriers can boast of completely emission-free deliveries.
  • Our return rate is only around two percent. We inspect and repair returned products where possible and recycle many of them.
  • Our partner Returhuset handles the goods we do not repair ourselves. They classify the products, repair them if necessary, and resell them so they get a new life. Where recycling is not possible, they recycle the material in the best possible way.
  • We continuously invest in a growing range of used products, which we call Refurbished and Pre-owned.
  • Teknikproffset has a constantly growing fleet of electric cars and our colleagues have access to Europe's largest charging network as well as to our own fast charging stations at the company's headquarters.
  • Through waste separation, we recycle consumables. For the material that cannot be sorted on site, it is sent directly for recycling.
  • At Teknikproffset, we offer high-quality food from our own café, leading to savings in unnecessary personnel transport.
  • We continuously evaluate our environmental work and collaborate with our suppliers and carriers to minimize our environmental impact.