MINIFINDER Rex 4G Dog Tracker for Hunting

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MiniFinder Rex is a GPS-based hunting dog tracker with unlimited range and real-time tracking.

  • Real-time positioning
  • Guiding LED light
  • Bark detector
  • Vibration commands
  • Long battery life

MiniFinder Rex is a tracking device specially designed to take your hunting to the next level. It is full of carefully selected functions to facilitate the hunt together with your hunting dog. It has unlimited range and works regardless of where your hunting dog is. By connecting it to the hunting app MiniFinder Hunter, you get access to several useful functions.

The powerful LED lamp helps you locate the dog during the night hunt at a distance of up to 200 meters, which means that the hunting dog is visible if it approaches a road or a railway, for example. Together with the market's new hunting app MiniFinder Hunter, you can easily activate the light on the hunting dog tracker, along with several other smart functions. The app has specially developed functions for hunting and dog training such as vibration and skull indicator. MiniFinder Hunter is free for the first year, after which an annual cost of SEK £69/year is added.

MinFinder Rex is designed so you don't have to worry about the next charge. The battery lasts a full 100 hours during active use, and at least 10 days during less active use. This is thanks to its MLPC algorithm, MiniFinder low power consumption, which contributes to low energy consumption. MiniFinder Rex also has completely unlimited range and unbeatable precision.

Our hunting tracker contains several innovative features. Among other things, it has a modern skull indicator that gives you as a hunter important information about your hunting dog's behavior. You receive a notification when barking and at the same time receive information about the sound level, a function that is especially good if you are not in the vicinity of the hunting dog.

With the built-in vibration, you can also send different vibration commands to the hunting dog. Through this function, you can make the hunting dog, for example, stop barking and stop. In this way, you as a hunter can control your dog, even remotely. The function can also be used in dog training as a training collar to teach the dog summoning and other commands.

Subscription required
The first year is free, then £69/year.

Dimensions: 80 mm × 40 mm × 30 mm
Weight: 100g
System: MiniFinder Firmware MFLPC™
Network: 4G, LTE-M, CAT-M1, GSM
Interface: USB-C
Power source: 1A~1.5A
Bluetooth: BLE5.0
G-sensor: Yes
Battery life: 100 hours during active use
Charging voltage: 100~240V AC 50/60Hz Output: 5.0V DC2.0A
Memory: 16M (Flash memory)
Waterproof. Yes, IPX7
LED: 3 indicating GPS, GSM and voltage
Guiding LED light: Yes, 200m range
Buttons: 1 button (on/off)
Speaker: Yes
Microphone: Yes
Vibration. Yes


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