Roborock S8+ robot vacuum cleaner, black

Article nr: C36541
  • Automatic emptying station
  • Deep cleaning DuoRoller brushes
  • VibraRise system - lifting the mop
  • Reactive 3D obstacle avoidance
  • PreciSense LiDAR Navigation
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Roborock S8 is a powerful robot vacuum cleaner and mop with an automatic emptying station that makes everyday life easier and more carefree than ever before, because the emptying station can collect up to 7 weeks worth of dust and dirt. The S8 also deep cleans carpets, because it boosts the suction power when it detects them. The S8 is equipped with two rubber roller brushes that avoid sticking and absorb dirt and other dust without clogging the rollers. The vacuum cleaner uses Roborock's VibraRise® function when mopping, which gives you a clinical mopping result. VibraRise cleans floors with the power of sound and vibrates up to 3,000 times per minute. The S8 also raises the mop automatically when it recognizes the carpets, leaving them dry and the floor mopped at the same time, so cleaning the apartment can be done in one go.

Thanks to PreciSense® LiDAR navigation, the S8 can clean with precision, as sensors and lasers allow the robot vacuum to scan the room and create a detailed map in the app. With the help of mapping, S8 can plan cleaning routes, optimize and streamline its cleaning, so that the home can be skillfully cleaned as much as possible and not a single spot is missed. In the Roborock application, you get a clear overview of the mapping and various settings that you can use to adapt the cleaning to your own needs.

As a special feature, the S8 can also be set to charge at night, for example, when electricity is cheaper, saving on electricity costs.

Efficient vacuuming with HyperForce

The S8 is equipped with Roborock's HyperForce® system, which produces a very powerful 6000 Pa suction. The S8 can take on all the dirt without a problem, thanks to the improved suction power. Thanks to its intelligent structure, the robot recognizes the carpets and increases the suction power when it walks over them. As a novelty, the S8 has two rotating rubber roller brushes, thanks to which the robot vacuum reaches deep into the carpet and collects dust and dirt from there! Roller brushes are also designed in such a way that they prevent dirt and other debris from tangling or clogging them as effectively as possible.

VibraRise - mopping with the power of sound

The S8 takes care of dried dirt and mud without any problems, because it has Roborock's own VibraRise® mopping system, which, thanks to vibrations repeated 3,000 times per minute, floors can be mopped clinically clean with the power of sound.

The mopping system is connected to Roborock's smart and innovative automatic mop lifter. Thanks to this function, the robot vacuum cleaner can clean with one sweep without interruption. With the help of sensors, the S8 detects when it is approaching the carpet, and when it picks up the mop, the mop function is automatically interrupted and switched to a more intensive vacuuming program suitable for the surface. The mop also picks up automatically when it returns to the docking station, leaving no streaks on the newly cleaned floor.

The mop has a constant pressure of almost 600 grams, thanks to which it cleans the entire home thoroughly and evenly. NOTE! The mop rises to a height of 5 mm, so it is suitable for carpets with a maximum height of 4 mm.

Accurate navigation

Thanks to PreciSense® LiDAR navigation, the S8 can clean with precision, as sensors and a laser allow the robot vacuum to scan the room and create a detailed 3D map in the app in just a few minutes. The S8 is also equipped with 3D structured light and infrared imaging technology, which means the robot vacuum cleaner is good at detecting obstacles and can read all the challenges in the home without getting into trouble. Using the built-in smart cleaning algorithm and map, the S8 can then calculate the most optimal and efficient cleaning route.

PreciSense LiDAR has made Roborock a well-known brand. These sensors read the environment and use adaptive algorithms to detect obstacles such as furniture, carpets, edges, walls, etc. The result is a detailed map of your house covering up to four different floors.

Complete control

With the Roborock app you can control all the settings. In the app, you can set no-go zones, virtual walls, room sharing, sharing and naming, etc. To have full control and complete customization, you can also customize per room by adding surface type, adjusting suction power, mop strength, water level, room cleaning order and much more.

  • Another cool new feature of the map allows you to set the locations of doors so that the robot doesn't get stuck and makes its route through them as adaptive as possible.
  • By pressing the phone button, you free yourself from the trouble of cleaning by cleaning when you are away or at work.
  • In the application, it is also possible to schedule the cleaning of different rooms at different times of the day. You can make sure that the robot does not clean the bedroom at night or the kitchen when you are eating. With these features, you can ensure that the S8 cleans where you want, when you want.
  • The S8 can also be connected to a smart home, meaning you don't even need to open an app to turn it on. The S8 can be fully synchronized with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, so you can give the robot vacuum cleaner commands with your voice.
  • In addition, there is a child lock that prevents children from starting the robot or changing the settings without your knowledge. You have full control no matter where you are.

In the package:

  • Roborock S8 central unit, black
  • RoboDock Plus emptying station
  • Power cable
  • Water tank
  • Slotted mopping module
  • 2 x emptying station dust bags
  • VibraRise mop cloth
  • HEPA filter
  • Manual

Technical information:

  • Navigation LDS laser + structured light
  • Route algorithm: Adaptive Route Algorithm
  • Avoiding obstacles: Reactive 3D Obstacle Avoidance
  • Cleaning method: Wiping + mopping
  • Zoned vibration mapping
  • Smart mop lifting
  • Customized water, vibration of mopping
  • Room-specific adjustment of suction power
  • Duo Roller rubber brushes
  • Anti-collision flexible rubber
  • Carpet boost mode
  • Detachable and washable head brush
  • Dynamic speed control on the side brush
  • Exact progress according to the wall
  • TÜV Rheinland certified
  • Do not disturb mode (the robot emits quieter sounds and the LED light dims)
  • Room specific cleaning
  • Pin and go function - direct the robot to an exact spot on the map
  • Obstacle detection
  • 3D mapping
  • Multiple map storage
  • Demonstration mode of the cleaning program
  • Real-time map
  • Scheduling the cleaning program
  • Virtual wall/Forbidden zone - setting virtual walls and forbidden areas
  • Virtual no-mopping zone - prohibition of mopping areas
  • Mopping route display
  • Intelligent zoning - intelligent zoning
  • Step-by-step cleaning of the rooms
  • Division and naming of areas
  • Smart threshold algorithm
  • Selected cleaning
  • AI smart battery Top-up - intelligent battery top-up
  • Child lock
  • Battery capacity 5200mAh
  • Makisimi suction power 6000 Pa
  • Rated power 69W
  • Dust container volume 400ml
  • Operating time approx. 180 min
  • Loudness (Balanced mode) 68.5 dB
  • Applicable area up to 300 ㎡
  • 6 drop sensors
  • Electronically controlled water tank
  • Position detection - location detection
  • Water control: 3 levels
  • Mop intensity 4 levels
  • Water tank volume 300 ml
  • Charging time < 6 h
  • Device dimensions 353 x 350 x 96.5 mm
  • Device height 96.5 mm
  • The weight of the device is 4.8 kg
  • Dimensions of the emptying station 440 x 305.4 448 mm
  • Weight of emptying station 4.4 kg
  • Specifications
  • Manuals & Datasheets
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