RIOTPWR iOS Black Cloud Gaming Controller Black

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RIOTPWR iOS full-size cloud-based game controller for complete console experience on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

  • Lightning connected for minimal latency
  • Extra usb-c cable so you can play on iPad Pro
  • Patent Pending Zero Gravity Cell Phone Holder
  • Built-in DAC and headphone jack
  • The game controller is powered by the iOS device

A game controller that is powered by the iOS device so there is no battery. But even though it draws a little power from the iOS device, there is a Lightning socket so the device can also be charged via cable while you play. Home and option buttons provide a better experience when playing on Gamepass from Xbox and other cloud services, or when casting console games to an iOS device. It also has a built-in DAC and headphone jack. With Apple Arcade, you can now play many of games in many places. Analog joysticks on the right and left. Digital function keys A, B, X and Y. Digital bumpers L1, R1. Analog triggers with hall effect L2, R2. Digital clickable thumbsticks L3, R3. Digital D-pad.

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