Philips HQ 56/50 Replacement Shaving Head HQ1/HQ4/HQ56/HQ58/HQ64/ HQ66/HQ68/HQ69/HS190 Series 3 pcs

Article nr: C08096
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Always shave close

Replace the shaving heads every 2 years for optimal results

Within two years, the shaving heads will shave nine million hairs from your face.
Replace the shaving heads for optimal results.
Comfortable and accurate
• CloseCut blades, durable and self-sharpening for a close shave

Precision shaving system
• Shaves even the shortest hairs

Suitable for product types:
HQ6415, HQ6423, HQ6610, HQ6613, HQ6646, HQ6675, HQ6676, HQ6695, HQ6696, HQ6831, HQ6842, HQ6843, HQ6844, HQ6857, HQ6859, HQ6863, HQ6874, HQ6879, HQ69206900, HQ HQ6640\HQ6605, HQ6645, HQ6849, HQ6853, HQ6854, HQ6855

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