Coffee Maker | Ice Coffee / Ice Tea | 2.5 l | 6 Cups | Black

Article nr: C22838
  • Fyll på is i glasbehållaren och gör ditt eget iskaffe eller iste
  • Lätt att använda och blir klart på några minuter
  • Enkelt mätsystem för smakrikt kaffe som aldrig blir vattnigt
  • Filter för te i lösvikt och bryggfilter för kaffe
  • Extra stor glasbehållare på 2.5 liter
  • Väljare för justerbar bryggstyrka
  • Strömbrytare och indikatorlampa
  • Automatisk avstängning efter bryggning
  • Glasbehållare och Filter är diskmaskinssäkra
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This Nedis 2-in-1 Iced Coffee and Ice Tea maker allows you to make your own home made delicious refreshing iced coffee or ice tea in only a few minutes. Cooling coffee or tea in the refrigerator not only takes a lot of time, but it can also cause it to oxidize, which affects the flavour. With this device, you brew directly into the glass jar for fresh, flavourful iced coffee or tea in just a few minutes.

The easy to use measuring system with included scoop makes it easy to brew the perfect ratio of hot, concentrated coffee over ice, for bold, flavorful coffee that’s never watered down. The pod-free brewing method allows you to enjoy iced coffee with great taste, and less waste. Just add water and coffee grounds to the machine, fill the glass jar with ice, then press start.

Add your favorite sweetener, fresh or frozen fruit for endless delicious recipes, refreshing iced tea in just a few minutes.

The convenient power button and indicator light will let you know when your beverage is ready. After brewing, the device will automatically be switched off. Cleaning of the device is easy, the glass jar and funnel accessories are dishwasher-safe.

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